Following the continued success of their flagship video software, HitFilm, FXhome releases Imerge Pro, The World’s First Non-Destructive RAW Image Compositor for Mac and PC – with fully flexible layers and advanced keying. Built for professionals and enthusiasts, Imerge Pro keeps your layers self-contained and versatile while also giving creatives the ability to import and edit RAW files right in your image compositor. 

Some of the most noticeable features of Imerge Pro are:

  • First Non-Destructive RAW Image Compositor

    Always 16-bit linear color: Not only that, but Imerge Pro is multi-core and GPU accelerated.

  • No ‘baked-in’ changes: Keep your edits live and your color data RAW. No need to worry about things going wrong and redo-ing your work. Easily undo any change, and don’t lose any time.

  • Automatic green screen removal: Perfect for event photographers, Imerge Pro contains world-leading chroma key technology including spill suppression, color matching and luminance key.

  • 38 powerful filters included: Creatives can utilize built-in filters with customizable sliders for complete flexibility. From Clarity, De-haze and Color Adjustment to Sharpen effects, every option

  • Batch process hundreds of images: Lay out compositions and flip between options with ease. Swop out backgrounds, foreground and text. Using subjects against green screen? Imerge Pro will automatically key, add the right edge colors and light wrap to every combination.

  • Amazing text tools: Imerge treats your text like any other layer. Add effects, outlines, gradients and pattern fills.


For more information see IMERGE PRO.

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